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     GCLA Referees during a weather postponement at the 2005 GCLA Cham[pionships.

Who we are:

The Gulf Coast Lacrosse Association employs its very own referees for the purpose of officiating

GCLA lacrosse games. Since the league was founded in 1995, GCLA officials have called virtually

hundreds of lacrosse games and have been vital to the growth of the sport throughout the Gulf

Coast region.

What we are:

In the GCLA, referees, players, and teams all sit at the same side of the table, working together to

advance the sport of lacrosse. The GCLA exists to provide a positive and fun competitive

lacrosse experience for everyone- including our referees.

Our referees are paid $65 per GCLA game for their services. They are customarily paid at the field

at the time their services are rendered. The vast majority of our games are manned by two-man


At the GCLA, we always recognize  the role our referees play in advancing the sport of  lacrosse and in helping our league. We could not do it without them. 

If you are interested in becoming a referee with the GCLA, please contact Steve Mathiason

at, or at 713-665-5445.